Locker laundry Service by Box24

Nowadays people are living a fast pace lifestyle where normal day to day chores become a challenge for them. Businesses such as laundry services grow every year as they are able to help solve the challenge of a normal working class people. Doing laundry is a time consuming activity that people nowadays don't have time for, that is why the laundry service businesses keep rising.

Condominiums are a popular choice for working people to live in nowadays but the problems that people tend to face include lack of space to wash their clothes and this is why they depend highly on local laundry service shops but the drawback is that these shops are not open 24hrs a day and people can't seem to collect their clothes on time when they are done with their work.

Now box24 has brought to you their locker service which is easily accessible via condominiums around you for 24hrs a day. There are 150 locations in Bangkok where you can find these lockers. The lockers act as the middle men as you can easily bring your clothes and leave them at the locker and the following day, box24 comes and picks up the laundry to drop them off at the laundry service to get them cleaned and bring them back once done so you can easily collect the clothes whenever it is convenient to you.

Box24 has the laundry service to make your day to day life more convenient. This service can easily be accessed via our box24 application and bringing your clothes to our lockers or calling our service staff to pick the clothes up from your home via our app so you can easily get your daily chores done.

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