Carpet cleaning service to remove bacterias by WashBox24

Washing carpet is not an easy task as carpet can come in various sizes and thickness. It is important to clean the carpet properly as it can start developing bad smell and bacteria due to its long term use. This is a task that people do not want to do so that's why Box 24 lockers provide this service for 24 hours everyday.


Carpets tend to be thick and soft and it’s where the dust usually gets collected. Over time if the carpet is left uncleaned, different kinds of bacteria starts collecting causing the carpet to smell bad and can also make people sick easily. This is why you should constantly clean the carpet.

Box24 has brought the carpet cleaning service to you so you can easily wash your carpet and get rid of bad smell , bacterias and dust.

Box24 has brought the carpet cleaning service to you via our application. The users can easily clean their carpets by bringing their carpets to Box24 lockers or request for Expert service staff to come to your house and collect the carpet

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