WashBox24 - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


+How do I send my clothes off for washing?
WashBox24 has two operating modes namely; self-service locker and home delivery. With locker, you can drop off your clothes at any of our lockers 24/7 and pick up from the same locker location given next day turnaround time. For home delivery, you can download the app (http://goo.gl/zEqt8t iOS, http://goo.gl/bMepiL Android) and request pick up on demand or at scheduled time. When the clothes is ready, we also deliver them back to you within the next day. Note that, next day turnaround time applies only if the clothes are dropped off before 9.00 AM (locker) or picked up from your location before 9.00 AM (delivery), excluding public holidays. Some items may require longer lead time. See our terms and conditions here.
+How do I gain access to the locker?
As a pre-paid user, you can use the Box24 card or request the Quick Pin from the Box24 app (http://goo.gl/zEqt8t iOS, http://goo.gl/bMepiL Android) or use your mobile phone number to access the locker. As a post-paid user, you may use your mobile number to access the locker. The said mobile number will be used to send payment instruction via SMS by which you can pay the service fee at participating payment providers (See SMS instruction). Once paid, you will receive a Quick Pin to retrieve back the items. If not paid, no Quick Pin will be sent to you, meaning you may not be able to pick up the items.
+Can I use credit or debit cards to pay for my laundry?
Yes, any credit or debit cards bearing Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or JCB logos can be used for payment. You can either pay online by logging into our website (www.washbox24.com) or pay via the Box24 app (http://goo.gl/zEqt8t iOS, http://goo.gl/bMepiL Android).
+How do I get WashBox24 locker in my building?
Glad you ask! Fill out this short form here. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier!
+How do I get in contact with WashBox24?
cs@box24corp.com or give us a call at 089.221.2244 during 9.00 AM – 8.00 PM.

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