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          Dry cleaning service in bangkok is a good way to clean your beloved clothes as original conditions and dry cleaning doesn't use water and detergents for cleaning. But each washing time that we will use oil solution to remove stains on the clothes without being dampness. Mostly, dry cleaning is used to remove deep stains such as sweat stains, grease stains and oil ink. This special cleaning liquid product manufactured for dry cleaning that has transparent color and has the ability to clean and remove dirt from the fabric more effectively. Otherwise, washing with ordinary water and detergent may cause some fabric fibers will be shrinking, color bleeding, dull colors and deformed. Therefore, dry cleaning is preserving the condition of the fabric to stay durable in its original condition and always look new. Examples of clothes that should be effectively dry cleaned include silk, wool, cashmere and linen. The fibers of some fabrics are fragile and there are different cleaning methods that require a special cleaning process to maintain and care.

quality QUALITY

With G BubbleTM Technology our highly trained quality assurance team ensures your clothes are clean and fresh, so you look your best.

convenience CONVENIENCE

With 24/7 locker access
and downloadable App for scheduling and delivery service, we are the most convenient laundry service in town.

transparency TRANSPARENCY

We barcode and
photograph each individual item, allowing you to track your laundry. We call it "Closet+"


Our team has a customer first mentality, designed to take the hassle out of doing laundry. Give us a call at

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