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Anyone can be a business owner.

Join us and be part of the franchise that everyone is talking about. Invest only $8,000 in only 1 sq.m. of space and enjoy revenue sharing 15% on dry cleaning and laundry every month!*

  • 10% return guarantee
  • No labor cost
  • Apply now and get free locker maintenance throughout the contract period

Types of Franchise

Type A

Type B

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Why WashBox24?

We understand what people want for laundry

  • Not only that the service must be clean, reliable, customer-oriented, with full-ranged choice of services, we also make customers life easier so that they can live a worry-free lifestyle.

We understand the lifestyle of your tenants

  • Based on our proprietary research, we undertand the lifestyle and behavior patterns of the rapidly changing urban setup.

We offer the One Stop Service!

  • Laundry
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Bag & Shoes Spa
  • Personal Storage

It's so easy to use us

  • Sign Up
  • Drop Off
  • Notify
  • Pick Up

Top 5 FAQ from Franchisee

+There’re only some 8 or 16 doors of lockers, how can you make sure there’s enough available lockers for the customers?
Good question! To make it simple, every time a customer opens a locker, there will be a digital signal sent to our server. So, we know exactly who, when, and how many lockers have been claimed on a real time basis. Having this visibility helps us to adjust the pickup and delivery schedule to make sure items are un-loaded as frequently as they need to be, so that there are always available lockers for new customers. Also, we normally allow up to 48 hours for items to be picked up. This helps us to manage the non-move items much more effectively.
+Are you serious when you say no labor needed?
Sure, we are! With our self-serviced locker, you will never have to worry about manpower problem again. Our locker works in a man-free environment and the only labor aspect to the operating model is for our staff to pick up items from or deliver the items to the locker. Again, the staff cost belongs to us. All you’ve got to do is sit back and relax!
+What do you mean exactly by the 10% return guarantee and the free maintenance scheme?
By being our franchisee, we guarantee10% p.a. of the initial franchise investment or the equivalent of $66.67 a month from the 7th month until the end of the contracted period. Also, we’re running a current promotion to offer free maintenance of the locker throughout the contracted period. This offer may change from time to time so please make sure to visit our website for the most updated term and condition.
+How do I make sure I get a fair & correct portion of the revenue sharing?
With our proprietary Franchise+ system, you have the visibility of viewing the actual sales record down to the items and type of services online. You can log on to view it 24/7. Note that, the revenue sharing will be automatically transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis, if not agreed otherwise.
+What do I need to do to be a franchisee?
Simply register here or call 9655-6366 and your staff will be in touch with you.


or call 9655-6366

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