Suit Dry Cleaning Service

Not only cleanliness is key but the care for fabrics and maintaining the suit structures are also essential. That’s the reason why dry-cleaning systems with G Bubble technology is adopted at WashBox24. With our professional quality ensuring team, after each wash we make sure every dry cleaning of your suit is done properly.

Because we know that suit cleaning requires professional care due to its delicate details. For example – Cavas inner lining, different types of seams, special kinds of fabrics that even slightest wrong handling might alter the suit structure. Also, we are aware of how easy stains can occur when a suit is in contact with water.

With the selected advanced technology and professional experts from WashBox24, we can ensure that each dry clean and care for your suit will maintain its look as if it was untouched by time.

Service Fee for Suit Dry Cleaning at WashฺBox24

Suit cleaning should be handled by dry cleaning only, Since washing with water can cause musty smells and other damages like lint or structure alteration because most suits are made from wool and structured with Nylon inner lining. Dry cleaning is clearly the best option.

Get to know the service rate of our suit dry cleaning via Box24 Application ( iOS, Android) anytime.

We recommend bringing a suit and trousers together for the best maintenance of color for both pieces. Initial rates are as below.

  • Suits 200 Baht

  • Trousers 200 Baht






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How Long does the Suit Dry Cleaning Service Take?

Suit dry cleaning from WashBox 24 offers 2 service types:

  1. Self-drop-off and pick up at the locker available at all branches 24 hours.
  2. Delivery service, just download Box24 Mobile application ( iOS, Android) and choose suit dry cleaning delivery service with your preferred timing or per schedules. If you wish for the suit to return by the next day, delivery pick up service is required to be notified for pick up before 09.00 am only.

Some cleaning processes require longer timing, where cleaning status can always be checked via mobile application at all times.

Special Suit Clothes that Require Special Care

  • Linen Suit

    Linen suits can stain and wrinkle easily so it is common to be sent to dry cleaning service with garment steamer and powder spray to maintain the smooth structure. Harsh chemicals should never be applied to care for Linen suits.

  • Wool Suit

    Fibers from wool suits can easily be damaged from water as it shrinks the fibers and it should not be hardly twisted or squeezed after each wash. Therefore, lint rollers are common care for wool suits.

Care for suit after dry cleaning service

Suit structure is the element that makes the aesthetic. Here are our suggestions to care for your suit structure after each dry cleaning prior to your wear.

  • Leave some space between other clothes when hanging your suit to prevent wrinkles and structure alteration.
  • Use a hanger with a shoulder shaper.
  • Keep your suit in a garment bag and place in a dry cool and well-ventilated place to prevent dust and unpleasant smell.
  • Garment bag should be made from cloth with a zipper for convenience.

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FREE! : Dry Cleaning 1 pcs (< 300 Baht)

Value of free dry cleaning : 300 Baht

Total : 11 pcs

  • - Prices include free hanger.
  • - Freebies apply for credit refill.
Dry Cleaning Pack 1
2,000 Baht

FREE! : Dry Cleaning 4 pcs (< 300 Baht)

Value of free dry cleaning : 1,200 Baht

Total : 24 pcs

  • - Prices include free hanger.
  • - Freebies apply for credit refill.
Dry Cleaning Pack 2
4,000 Baht

FREE! : Dry Cleaning 16 pcs (< 300 Baht)

Value of free dry cleaning : 4,800 Baht

Total : 56 pcs

  • - Prices include free hanger.
  • - Freebies apply for credit refill.
Dry Cleaning Pack 3
8,000 Baht