Overcoat and Jacket Laundry Service

Dry cleaning winter coats, jackets, or down coats is one of the biggest concerns people have for fear of its fabric, weight and bulk. However, despite these seemingly durability, fluff, and hard-to-wear-off-condition, they are actually soft, fragile and need proper care.

Washing outerwear is more complicated than you think it is. They require very specific cleaning procedures and agitation, and if you don’t do it correctly, you probably end up ruining your clothes. So, you better have a professional dry cleaning service like WashBox24 which takes special care of your clothes to ensure their optimal condition and prolong their lifespan for years to come.

To be more clear, winter clothes are made of different materials and have special features. Each one of them has its individual procedure and precautions. Here are examples of procedures and some precautions to know for jackets made with these 2 different materials.

  • Down Jacket

    These jackets are mostly filled with duck or goose feathers. They are heavy and when washed, they can absorb water well and very easy to clump together. They also should never be hung for drying, but laid horizontally to avoid clumping.

  • Leather Jacket

    For leather jackets, they should be washed with soaps or specialized detergent products with neutral pH in order to remove dirt while keeping the jacket protected from moisture damage.

Service Fee for Overcoat and Jacket Laundry at Washbox24

Some jackets are not only expensive, but also meaningful to owners. Doesn’t it feel good to wear clothes that look new every time you wear them?

So, WashBox24 is a perfect cleaning choice for all kinds of jackets whether down jacket or overcoat, as we will be professionally handling your clothing with the most appropriate method, technologies and our experienced members of our technical team to help maintain and protect your clothes at its finest. The price of services vary depending on materials, and fabrics as shown below.

  • Long Sleeve 200 Baht
  • Coat 400 Baht
  • Overcoat 600 Baht
  • Leather Jacket/Pants 800 Baht
  • Scarf/Waistcoat 100 Baht






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How Long does the Overcoat and Jacket Laundry Service Take?

There 2 types of services here at WashBox24 including:

  1. Self-service at our locker where you can drop off your clothes and pick up 24 hours at any available branches.
  2. Pick-up and delivery service from us. You only need to download our application (http://goo.gl/zEqt8t iOS, http://goo.gl/bMepiL Android) onto your mobile phone and then book an appointment for pick-up and delivery on date and time you want or you can find our schedule for reference. And, please make a pick-up appointment before 9.00 am if you want to receive your clothes the next day otherwise the turnaround time will be the next 2 working days.

However, it might take more time for cleaning depending on difficulties and complication of materials and fabrics. But, you can stay at ease as you can get updated on the progress of your winter clothes at all times via our app.

Jackets that Need Special Care and Specialised Cleaning

  • Coat

    It is required that they are washed in warm water with low agitation in the washing machine in order to prevent residue and damage to its original appearance. So, if you don’t want your clothes to be ruined and destroyed from dry cleaning, be precautious with agitation level.

  • Fur Jacket

    Fur jackets both synthetic or authentic are somewhat allowed to be washed in the washing machine, but the key is to keep them free from excess moisture by letting it dry naturally to prevent odor and fur clumping.

After Care For Dry Cleaned Clothes

  • They should be hung rather than folded to avoid crease and damage.
  • Store in the bag or cover to prevent dust.
  • Use insect repellent or pesticide for garments made of natural material.

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Value of free dry cleaning : 300 Baht

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2,000 Baht

FREE! : Dry Cleaning 4 pcs (< 300 Baht)

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