Why do you need to use smart locker service with WashBox24?

This is the year of the Smart locker, this new innovative Smart locker is more advanced than others before, which has been installed throughout the city of Bangkok. Our smart lockers are designed to facilitate the life of the city dwellers by helping to provide time to organize your life better without doing chores. Today, we will take everyone to get to know the smart locker, and its advantages of WashBox24. This can facilitate the users who live in the buildings and residences, as it has many advantages such as providing notifications to customer’s smartphones to remind them via emails and through the App. But, why do you need a smart locker with WashBox24? Our smart lockers offer a comprehensive service that can deal with the needs of the people of the city as it provides the convenience that helps you have more time to do other various activities. You can just forget all the traditional lockers in Bangkok!

1. Comprehensive service

Box24 is a smart locker located in Bangkok which offers comprehensive services such as the sending of parcels (MoveBox24), or pick-up point for online shopping (ShopBox24). Additionally, we also offer personal storage to deposit personal belongings (DropBox24). As such, Box24 smart locker’s are able to offer a variety of one stop service for all your needs in one place.

2. Fulfill the need of condo residents

This smart locker can be used very easily. It can be installed at the condo to fulfill the needs of condo residents, especially washing or leaving your clothes hanging in the smart locker in any lockers in Bangkok. Because we can leave a suit or a pre-workout set after coming back from work. You can just take it from the locker and change at fitness without going back to your room. It is so easy and comfortable, which it completely fulfills the needs of urban life. In addition, if someone orders the product and it is inconvenient for them to receive it, you can let the staff store the goods in the smart locker first. After you finish your work, then you can come back and get it. This is so comfortable.

3. You can leave things without worrying that your stuffs will go missing

Another service that matches with the needs of urban residents is a smart cabinet; intelligent locker, which can be installed in Bangkok in any area. Especially under the condo or any other various offices. For DropBox24's service, you can deposit personal items whilst running errands or are in a need to store items temporarily, you can deposit them in the locker and pick them up later with a piece of mind in terms of safety. In addition, this smart cabinet can accept anything. Facilitate, save money and time.

For those who are interested in installing a smart locker with Box24, you can see more details at www.box24corp.com, Install just a single cabinet can fulfill all the needs of urban life, meets the lifestyle of Bangkok people, “Smart life with smart locker”. We guarantee that your life will be easier with this smart locker.

Download link for Android : https://goo.gl/VKPcho

Download link for IOS : https://goo.gl/zPZG6Z

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