Curtain Cleaning Service

Cleaning curtains might not be easy for you, but it is easy for us to handle. Our experts at WashBox24 are ready to deliver a top-notch cleaning service starting from scratch. Because we believe apart from the weight and size of the curtain that makes it difficult to manage on your own, the fabric of each curtain also requires particular needs to take care of. For example:

  • Velvet Curtains:

    Recommended to clean with cold water or either multipurpose cleaner or disinfectant – these cleaning agents are safe and do not alkalize the curtain. Then dry flat on cotton cloths to prevent damage.

  • Lace Curtains:

    Avoid wringing, twisting, or tumbling dry as it might cause a wrinkle and change in its shape.

As mentioned, cleaning curtains is full of cautions. Some fabrics need professional cleaning, especially dry cleaning, for it decreases the risk of damage that could affect the warranty coverage of curtains (in case there is). Above all, this is why professional cleaning is required for your delicate curtains.

Service Fee for Curtain Cleaning at WashBox24

Our curtain cleaning service is categorized in a ‘household equipment’ (i.e. carpets, curtains, etc.). Due to the variety of fabrics, the fee estimation will be done by our experts since it requires an additional check whether dry cleaning is enough or it needs alteration. In case that there is hand-sewing alteration – such as sewing, button sewing – none of any service fee will be charged. However, if there is an alteration made with the sewing machine, a fee of 200 Baht will be charged.

Rest assured that you will be informed by us before the beginning of the process. After our experts have received the curtain sent from you, every single detail will be thoroughly checked so that the fee estimation would be done promptly. Then you will be notified of every detail, from a fee to a period of the process, once it is done from our end through our Box24 app inside the ‘Closet+’ menu. For your convenience, download our app on App Store and Play Store for the latest update of every progress.

Please note again that the fee will be estimated based on fabrics and sizes of curtain, starting from:

  • Dry Cleaning 150 Baht / Sqm.






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How Long does the Curtain Cleaning Take?

WashBox24 is a one-of-a-kind cleaning service as we provide home pickup service, from curtain removal to return-at-home. Our process is truly transparent. You are able to track the real-time status 24/7 through our app. And it takes only 7 working days to be done.

Given that it might take less time than you think, but sometimes, it could take a bit longer depending on these factors: specific instructions of each fabric to strictly follow, complex alteration that takes more time, and so on. But no worries at all! Track everything via the Box24 app. We also offer notifications via SMS/emails if your curtain is ready to return to where they belong… your home sweet home. And not to mention that an in-app setup is super easy. Just open our app then click at ‘setup’, it is good to go!

Quick Tips on The Curtains with Specific Instructions:

  • Pleated Curtains

    These curtains are attached with hooks, so they would weigh more than any others; and it requires ironing the pleats for a more beautiful appearance. Besides, all those pleats could be where the dirt and clouds of dust clog – resulting in difficulty to vacuum. These conditions are the reason why pleated curtains need professional cleaning.

  • Victorian-style Curtains

    Due to the complexity in design, removing the curtain for cleaning would be such a dramatic task. The best cleaning method for these curtains is to dry clean or vacuum. Still, it requires professional cleaning in order to maintain the shape and quality.

Post-cleaning Tips for Your Curtains

We at WashBox24 are more than welcome to take care of your delicate curtains. Regardless of fabrics or sizes, we could provide you with a professional cleaning. And right after you have your loved draperies returned, here are some tips we love to share in order to maintain its quality for a longer lifespan.

  • Always wipe off dirt and dust in an upward to downward motion.
  • Clean the hooks with boiled water mixed with vinegar.
  • To prevent color fade, layer with any clear curtains.

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