Dry cleaning service With G Bubble technology to preserve the fabric by WashBox24

These days there are so many laundry shops such as dry cleaning, spot-treatment, and steam-cleaning. All these shops are trying to make your life more convenient and some even provide services to wash curtains , pillows and other bed accessories. With the G Bubble technology of WashBox24 which is brought to you to clean your fabric and help preserve it for a long period of time.

ซักแห้ง QUALITY

With G BubbleTM Technology our highly trained quality assurance team ensures your clothes are clean and fresh, so you look your best.

convenience CONVENIENCE

With 24/7 locker access
and downloadable App for scheduling and delivery service, we are the most convenient laundry service in town.

transparency TRANSPARENCY

We barcode and
photograph each individual item, allowing you to track your laundry. We call it "Closet+"


Our team has a customer first mentality, designed to take the hassle out of doing laundry. Give us a call at

Which kind of fabrics should be dry cleaned?

There are many types of fabric that can be dry-cleaned, including silk, satin , cotton, patent leather, velvet or delicate fabrics. Especially customized leather and various kinds of fur that can be cut into clothing such as Ducks fur, animal skins and other kinds of leathers .If washed in the wrong way, it may damage the fabric.

How do you know which fabric needs dry cleaning?

Every piece of clothing has a hidden symbol staying how it should be cleaned. The symbol helps easily identify how each clothing should be cleaned. The symbol for dry cleaning can easily be identified, if the symbol is just a lined circle then the fabric can be dry cleaned but if it's lined circle with a cross then the fabric should not be dry cleaned.

Box24 provides the service for dry cleaning just so you can easily manage time and the clothings. You can easily use the service via box24 application either by dropping off the clothing to our lockers or calling or service staff to pick up the clothes from your home.

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