What is a dry cleaning? Why do we have to dry clean with WASHBOX24?

Dry cleaning is a process of washing clothes with a special cleaning product that has the ability to remove deep stains without damaging the fabric, fibers or colors of the clothes. In fact, in addition to delivering clothes to a dry-cleaning shop, you can also find a dry-cleaning method yourself, which can be done easily if you know the right method.

How to dry clean: What kind of clothes should be dry cleaned?

Clothes, bedding, including all fabrics that have the Dry Clean Only symbol, whether a suit, wool, bed linen, or curtains should be dry cleaned. However, some fabrics can be cleaned at home but you have to ensure that the cleaning product will not destroy the fabric by testing with a small fabric area inside for safety.
Clothes that require dry cleaning are mostly fragile fabrics. Therefore, the best way to dry clothes is to wash by hand because it is being gentle with the fabric rather than cleaning with the washing machine. But if you are necessary to use a washing machine, you should choose a mild detergent and fabric softener as well.

  • For a suit that is usually made of a fragile fabric such as wool, you can try to dry it by wrapping a suit in other clothes for a few layers before putting it in the laundry to clean normally then flick it before drying by avoiding squeezing to cause the fabric's scratch.
  • Dry cleaning of a sweater can be washed and put into a laundry bag for preventing the fabric from being damaged. When washing is finished, you should shake a damp cloth strongly and then set it neatly before drying.
  • Cashmere wool or silk is often fragile fabrics. You should wash it by hand only. But if you really need to clean it with a washing machine, you should select the lightest washing system along with the laundry product for dry cleaning specifically.
  • To dry clean clothes that can be done by yourself without an expert's assistance. If you know how to dry clean that is appropriate for each fabric type, you can try our simple methods. Your clothes will be clean as a brand new one.

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