Carpet & Rug Cleaning Service

Had a spill on your favourite carpet which has left you with a tough stain to remove? Washbox24 is here to help! We’re here for you 24 hours a day. Our experienced team ensures fantastic results with all carpet and rug types. We use the most effective methods and equipment to serve any needs that you have and leave you with a well-maintained carpet.

Carpets can contain roughly 200,000 bacteria per square inch. The longer you let your carpets go uncleaned, the more dirt and germs will build. Therefore, when you’re looking for someone to clean your carpets, you’ll want to carefully select the right company by using the following guidelines:

  1. Cleaning Experience There are various carpet textures and styles in the market. Every single one of them needs special care by experienced cleaners who can help you determine what kind of cleaning process your carpets will need.
  2. Peace of Mind Services Choose the cleaning service companies that will ensure you total peace of mind. House cleaning services should be the least of your worries, a reputable name known for consistently delivering high quality services and that shows reliability may be worth considering. Or even having delivery to your door may be the best thing for you, right?
  3. Quality Services at Affordable Prices Find cleaning services that are upfront about the costs, no hidden charges and those which consistently give you high quality cleaning services.

Service Fee for Carpet Cleaning at WashBox24

WashBox24 offers a high quality carpet cleaning service with exceptional results by using the latest techniques and equipment leaving your carpets clean, fresh and revitalised. The cost of our service depends on the material of the carpet and size of the carpet per square meter.

Carpet cleaning prices start from

  • Dry carpet cleaning 450 Baht per square meter

*** Price does not include VAT






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How Long does the Carpet Cleaning Service Take?

WashBox24 is the solution for all types of professional cleaning services you’re looking for. We like to have your carpets or rugs for 7 working days as these items require special care and follow different processes from washing clothes. We work with very high standard cleaning methods which prevent damage to your carpet and ensure that all residues of dirt and bacteria are removed from your carpet.

WashBox24 also offers a home delivery service and you can track the status of your items at any time via WashBox24 application. We also notify you with an sms/email message as soon as the product is ready to be returned or you can adjust this reminder in the mobile application under Settings ( iOS, Android)

Extra Care for Carpet & Rug Cleaning Guide

  • Wool Carpet Fibers

    If your carpet consists of animal fibres (wool), the cleaning of this material is very sensitive as it can absorb the dirt and moisture easily. To ensure your wool carpet has a long life, keep it away from sunlight as much as possible, avoid getting it wet as well as avoid using chemicals products to clean it.

  • Cotton Carpet Fibers

    Cotton fibers are machine washable but when it’s wet, it will get heavier. Therefore, consider your washing machine capacity first. Moreover, cotton is a natural fiber that can be shrunk, using cleaning professionals will remove dirt, dust and prevent losing your favorite item so they will last for a long time.

  • Polyester Carpets Fibers

    Polyester fibers are known for their exceptionally soft and supple texture. The color of this type of material will fade easily if exposed to sunlight for a long time. Performing stain removal or drying requires extra care services from a carpet cleaning professional.

Post-Cleaning Tips for Your Carpet & Rug

Taking care of your carpets after cleaning is also an important aspect of ensuring your favorite carpets last for a long time. Here are our best carpet care tips to keep your carpet as dirt-free as possible.

  • If the carpet has new stains, use detergent to brush the spot immediately.
  • Use a slightly damp cloth, wipe the carpet to clean up dirt and dust. This method will have your carpet looking new again.
  • Lift any objects on your carpet instead of dragging them to prevent scratches.
  • Use a table leg pad to prevent scratches.

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FREE! : Dry Cleaning 1 pcs (< 300 Baht)

Value of free dry cleaning : 300 Baht

Total : 11 pcs

  • - Prices include free hanger.
  • - Freebies apply for credit refill.
Dry Cleaning Pack 1
2,000 Baht

FREE! : Dry Cleaning 4 pcs (< 300 Baht)

Value of free dry cleaning : 1,200 Baht

Total : 24 pcs

  • - Prices include free hanger.
  • - Freebies apply for credit refill.
Dry Cleaning Pack 2
4,000 Baht

FREE! : Dry Cleaning 16 pcs (< 300 Baht)

Value of free dry cleaning : 4,800 Baht

Total : 56 pcs

  • - Prices include free hanger.
  • - Freebies apply for credit refill.
Dry Cleaning Pack 3
8,000 Baht