Service for washing bed sheet, blanket and pillow by WashBox24

We all know the importance of a good night's sleep and how it can help us to stay healthy. A huge part of a good night's sleep is a clean bed sheet, clean blanket and clean pillow, this is why we recommend washing the bed sheet at least 1 time a week , blanket once every 2 weeks and pillow once a month at least.

Apart from the filth that collects there are dust particles which can lead to various kind of health related problems such as breathing problems.

Us at Box 24 provide the service to clean all kinds of bed accessories including bedsheet, blankets, pillow etc. We help clean out the dust and harmful bacterias in all your bed accessories. You can use our services by dropping off the bed accessories in box24 lockers.

Box24 provides the service to wash the bed accessories like bedsheet, blanket and pillow so you can stop worrying about chores like these while living your day to day lives. You can use this service via our Box24 application and dropping the bed accessories off at our lockers.

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