Convenient and trackable dry cleaning services

Currently, there is an increase in stores that provide cleaning services for clothes such as dry cleaning and laundry services. These services allow people to have more comfortable and convenient living. As clothes play an essential part of our lives which consist of one of the four factors; that are essentials, therefore, the importance of keeping the cleanliness of the clothes and garments as needed.

As clothes are made of a variety of fabrics, it makes it quite difficult to clean with normal washing either due to the size of the fabric, such as curtains, duvets, pillows that are difficult to wash and dry; or the delicacy of the fabric itself. Even though they are small, leather jackets and fur coats have different cleaning methods and care. We recommend dry cleaning as it helps clean clothes thoroughly, conveniently and does not damage the fabric. By that, we can classify clothing and fabrics into large groups as follows;

  • Suits

    Including formal dresses that not only require meticulous, but also gentle cleaning because the fabric can be easily damaged. Therefore, dry cleaning is the most suitable method for this type of garment as it also extends the life of the suit and formal dresses

  • Sweaters, wool jackets, or heavy fabrics

    As these types of clothes are used for the cold weather, they are difficult to clean, as water may damage the fabric. These fabrics are designed to hold water, resulting in the fabric becoming heavier, leading to damage during normal washing. Choosing a dry cleaning service can help you clean and reduce the risk of damage.

  • Oversized cloth

    Large items made from fabric such as pillows, quilts, bed linen, curtains, and rugs are difficult to clean by hand and are too large to be washed in a washing machine. Dry cleaning method is the best solution for these kinds of clothes.

"WashBox24" A Professional Dryclean Service

Based on the information above, you now know what dry cleaning is and what kind of fabric is suitable for this method. But! If you are going to use the dry cleaning service, which one will you choose?

We would like to recommend dry cleaning service from WashBox24!, a service that will bring cleanliness and convenience to your life. That comes with G-Bubble washing technology, ease of convenience from locker services which include drop off and pick-ups (Delivery services are available from 07:00 to 22:00) and the Closet+ system.

"G-Bubble" The Best Dry Clean Technology

With G-Bubble technology, it will help to clean clothes, appliances made of cloth, clean deeply throughout the piece and ensure cleanliness. Additionally, it is good for the environment as it preserves the longevity of the fabric and clothes thanks to the meticulous care from the WashBox24 team.

A convenient 24/7 Dry Cleaning service

For those who do not have the time and are not able to find the time to go to the dry cleaning shop. You don’t need to worry about this problem anymore, because WashBox24 will provide you the most flexible way, by letting you reserve the time when you want to use dry cleaning service from WashBox24 via our application. You can either book the time that you want us to pick your clothing or you want to drop your clothes at a smart locker.

Tracke your clothes : Any Time!!

For Customers who use dry cleaning service with WashBox24, you do not need to worry either your clothes getting lost or being switched with other clothing items. As, every clothing which has been dry cleaning can be tracked through the application. We already provide you a barcode, plus differentiate the clothes.

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